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Emma & Otsy’s Family

Had the pleasure of meeting Emma & Otsy’s lovely family at a resent mini family photo session on Saturday 29 March 2014.  We met bright and early at La Balsa park, Point Cartwright Buddina on the Sunshine Coast.

Emma and Otsy have 3 gorgeous children, twins Lucas & Eden (5 years) and Flynn (8 months).  I had to work pretty quickly before young Flynn tired and the other two became too restless.  It was a great photo session as always quietly surprised at the beautiful  interactions between the twins and their younger brother…

© G3 Photography



© Helga Dalla

© Helga Dalla

Kez’s Family

So alright…some would say I’m a little different, even a little weird and wacky at times.  I don’t think so really, yeah I might ask you to participate in some different and a little weird but fun activities, possibly even ask you to venture a little outside of your comfort zone and into a space unique to each of you.   For me, it is all about wrapping up your emotions and creating a space for you to experience what is most meaningful to you and your loved ones…long gone are the pose, smile for the camera days.

As photographers, we have the ability to touch the world one relationship at a time. Instead of capturing only the surface of those we photography, we become an opportunity for them to experience & express their inner beauty.

I am about remembering what’s most important, a personal space to celebrate life and love.

I met Kez and her beautiful family at Shelley Beach on Valentines Day, even though the weather was not on our side, no sun, wind blowing a gail we all decided to sneak around the point to a more sheltered spot, much to Bianca’s delight, there were no people there to watch!  This family session with me was a birthday gift from her husband Allan.

Thank you, to each and every one of you for allowing me to be a part of your unique experience, I hope you enjoyed reconnecting in your personal space to appreciate and celebrate each and every family member.  I am extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to capture your experience. Helga Dalla, Photographer

Here are some of images expressing the love and inner beauty of this wonderful family.

140214 - Kerri-1.jpg140214 - Kerri-5.jpg140214 - Kerri-52.jpgc12-140214 - Kerri-89.jpgc37-140214 - Kerri-64 Mitch-BJ.jpgc48-140214 - Kerri-10 Kerry-BJ.jpgc56-140214 - Kerri-70 K-Allan.jpgc63-140214 - Kerri-63 Allan-Mitch.jpgc78-140214 - Kerri-69 Allan-Kerri.jpgc80-140214 - Kerri-14 WORDS BJ-Dad.jpgc87-140214 - Kerri-73 Allan-BJ.jpgc9-140214 - Kerri-15 Mitch-Allan.jpg


Tom & Sharyn’s Wedding


Tom Jones and Sharyn King

NOW…..    drum roll……       Mr & Mrs Jones

11am – Monday 31st of December 2012

Ebb Water Front Restaurant, Maroochydore

I arrived nice and early at the Mantra in Mooloolaba to get some shots of Sharyn and her sisters getting ready for Sharyn & Tom’s special day…here are a few of my favourites:


Sharyn was running a little late for the 11am ceremony…but better late than never!!!  She was greeted by her father with lots of emotions running wild and tears before even entering the Ceremony area.  Here are some favourites…

Ceremony & fun with family and friends…


Note from Tom & Sharon to their families and friends…


Triathlon Pink Fundraiser – 28 October 2012

Launch of Ramsay Healthcare Triathlon Pink Series

Organiser of Sunday’s Triathlon Pink Fundraiser, Gayle Cameron was overwhelmed by the support she received from many local Sunshine Coast businesses who generously donated prizes for the raffle and silent auctions.  The event was held at the Arnica Waterfront Restaurant, 14-16 Duporth Avenue, Maroochydore from 12:00pm to 4:00pm over looking the Maroochydore River.  A large crowd of 100+ people attended to support the event in aid of raising funds for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  This is the 4th year Gayle and 4 other managers from the Heritage Building Society have organised the event, with total support from Heritage.

Organiser  Gayle Cameron from the Heritage Building Society and her wonderful team of event helpers presented Debbie Clayton, Founder of Beautiful You Cancer Charity with a cheque for funds raised through the silent auction and raffles – congratulations to all involved, fantastic event and cause.

SPECIAL ‘thank you’ to all those that attended the event

as it is people like yourselves that make a

HUGE difference to the lives of those diagnosed with cancer!

Special guest speakers:  

Nerrida Rose-Humphreys an amazing local Sunshine Coast Breast Cancer Survivor.  Diagnosed with Breast Cancer during the early stages of her pregnancy relived her story to those that attended this event.  There was not a dry eye in the venue…as everyone listened intently to Nerrida’s journey, her determination and tenacity to win the fight and come out the end a ‘survivor’ with a gorgeous healthy almost 3 year old daughter.   Smiling today, Nerrida continues her involvement to the local community on the Sunshine Coast by raising breast cancer awareness, in particular among the younger women.  Nerrida spreads the word through Debbie Clayton’s Beautiful You Cancer Charity, numerous local newspapers and magazines and many fund raising events and today continues to immerse herself into her family, people, life and places.  THANK YOU Nerrida for sharing your personal story open heartedly to all that attended the event, you are an amazing inspirational lady.

Nerrida Rose-Humphreys with her gorgeous daughter

 Nerrida’s speech 

Jenelle Reading and her husband Greg moved to the Sunshine Coast to support their daughter Renée Underhill who was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2008. Renée had a very aggressive type of breast cancer and died on 21 April 2012. Renée is survived by her husband Shane and her 2 beautiful Children Jack 8 and Mia 6. Jenelle’s story touched everyones hearts and again the tears began to flow throughout the room by those who were engulfed by her personal journey of strength as a mother watching her precious child slip away, being there by her side every step of the way making sure Renee got everything she wanted done before her final day.

Renée was well known to the Beautiful You Charity, initially as a young woman benefiting from the care, support, friendship and understanding that was afforded to her and her family from other women with cancer and the Beautiful You Charity team. Renée then became an ambassador for the Beautiful You Charity by supporting other woman with cancer and relentlessly fundraising to help Deb and her team achieve their dream of setting up a retreat to provide support for women with cancer and their families.

Jenelle’s role as Chairperson on the Executive Committee is to ensure Renée’s legacy and dreams  continue.  

THANK YOU Jenelle for sharing your personal heartfelt journey of your special daughter Renee Underhill.

James G Brennan entertained the guests and also sung his recently launched Beautiful You Song he wrote for Debbie Clayton’s Beautiful You Cancer Charity.  CD’s can be purchased by contacting Debbie Clayton.

Photos of the event below

Please email Helga Dalla if you wish to obtain a digital copy of any of the images at ,

don’t forget to include the image number in the email request too please.


Edwards Family

My recent trip to Melbourne was a blast…gorgeous fraternal 5 year old twins Jaxxon and Bethany and their family met me eagerly at the front door of their home in Noble Park, Melbourne.   I was almost bowled over by the twins older brother Oliver who was bursting at the seams to show me his screen games, while the older two sisters Ashleigh and Siannan were also just as excited.  Parents Sherri and Peter welcomed me into their busy family home while their eldest daughter Ashleigh made me a lovely cup of tea.  We chatted for a bit and I showed them the first edition of the Twins of Australia book and explained a little about the process.

Sherri and Peter had organised with their neighbour to use their back yard for the photo shoot AND as you can see by the photos she is an avid gardener and proud as punch of her tranquil gardens.  So a ‘big THANK YOU’ to you for allowing us to use your garden, it makes such a difference to the overall photo shoot and I fell in love with the old rustic bike and kids schooter and trikes.

I just love this photo of Jaxxon and Bethany sitting in front of the daisy bush with the rustic bike.

S08C6208-40 web watermarked.jpg

This one below is a very different photo that Sherri wanted captured, a shot of all the families feed – kinda quirky and interesting don’t you think?


S08C6158-10 b&w old.jpg

This one is great, just love the essence of fun, the kids swing an the old fashioned tyre hanging from a tree…Jaxxon and Bethany found it difficult to stand and pose for the camera as they just wanted to swing so the 2nd image shows the expressions of  “Ok then…if we have to!” look, priceless!


So a big thank you to Sherri and Peter for allowing me into their family home to capture some great photos of your family.

S08C6196-33 pastel old.jpg

AND I can’t wait to see Jaxxon and Bethany feature in the 2nd edition of A World of Twins book.

Anyone interested in participating in the next edition can book their spot online, simply click here.

Annabella & Sebastian – Twins

Sunday 5 November –  Nothing like an early morning leisurely Sunday drive.   I arrived at Michelle and David’s beautiful family home, a grand Queenslander oozing with character.   We have been trying to plan this photo shoot for their 4 year old twins Annabella and Sebastian for months, and it was really nice to finally get to meet their lovely family.

Michelle had mentioned her concernes about the photo session as Annabella is so shy.  With a little patience, some tactful persuasion and playing games Annabella came around and I managed to get some lovely photos for the family.  We started the session trying to get some Christmas photos which they didn’t really warm to,  so we switched to blowing bubbles.  Bubbles are so much fun and children have an automatic connection with them.  Even PomPom their little black poodle thought they were great as she did multiple laps around the yard trying to bite the bubbles as they floated by her.  I love this photo of the twins with their big brother Harrison all lost in the moment of bubble blowing.


We were in the pool area blowing bubbles and before we knew it Sebastian had decided to show me how he could swim – shortly followed by Annabella.  Both very competent in the water they put on a show demonstrating the jumping, diving and splashing techniques.   After their swimming we played around in the back yard and they showed me how they spin themselves in the tyre swing, I took this shot from above standing on a stool, a moment in time.

IMG_2293e bw.jpg

Tucked away in the garage were two toy cars so took the opportunity to set up a track in the yard and have a race…this was so much fun.  This photo is one of my favourite photos from the car racing game.


By that time Annabella was wanting to interact with me and play the game so I managed to get a lovely photo of them both with Annabella’s little shadow PomPom the Poodle.

IMG_2352h bw.jpg

After this we ventured out to the front of the house and we got some nice photos with the whole family on the front steps of their beautiful home.  Emerson, Michelle’s youngest 6 month old son slept through the photo session and surfaced just in time to be in the family portrait photos.  Talk about a happy chap, lots of smiles and giggles we even managed to capture a few single shots of Emerson before I left.

_MG_2374a pastel.jpg

Michelle and David it was such a pleasure to meet your family, thank you for your hospitality and warm welcome.  I hope that Annabella,Sebastian, Harrison & little Emerson had as much fun as I did.  I know PomPom did!  I look forward to seeing Annabella and Sebastian feature in my 2nd edition of  “A World of Twins”.

Anyone interested interested in being featured in the 2nd edition, click here to register your interest.


Lillian Grace & Joseph Scott – Twins

Sunday 5 November- Fraternal Twins

Another fun filled photo session with gorgeous 4 year fraternal twin Lillian (Lily) and Joseph (Joe) of Brisbane, QLD.

I was warmly greeted by Chris and twins Lillian (Lily) and Joseph (Joe) at their lovely Queenslander home on Sunday afternoon.  I was running late for the photo session and feeling bad for being late and making them wait.  I was overwhelmed with the bubbly enthusiasm I received on my arrival.  They were dressed in their favourite outfits which added loads of personality and character to their images.  Both Lily and Joe will feature in the 2nd edition of  ‘A World of Twins‘, a black and white photography book showcasing some images and personal stories from sets of twins around Australia!

We started our photo session out on the back deck playing “Simon Says” on the bar stools then ventured inside to get some shots of them playing or should I say ‘attempting’ to play a tune on their magnificent piano.

IMG_2467j pastel.jpg

After a few tunes on the piano we ventured outside as Joe was very eager to show me his skills on the trampoline.   This is a cute shot…there was a bit of persuasion needed to get Joe to stop bouncing for this one.

_MG_2479a bw.jpg

We also tested out some skills on their Netii bikes down the driveway, Joe on his scooter and lastly we played around with making some wishes with some dandelions.

It was time for afternoon tea and a rest…I managed to snap some cute shots of Joe & Lily at the kitchen table.  I love this one…the expression on Lily’s face is priceless.  Notice how she is saving her chocolate frog whilst Joe has already polished his off!

_MG_2591d bw 1.jpg

We found a nice nook inside by their front door which worked well for taking some close up portraits…love this one, and the milk moustache on Joe adds loads of character to the picture.

_MG_2593e bw.jpg

A big ‘thank you’ to Mandy-Lee and Chris for inviting me into their home and allowing me to capture some memorable moments of their precious twins Joe and Lilly.  I look forward to seeing them in the next edition of A World of Twins.   Want to be involved, you can register online here.

Pink Bootcamp

Saturday, 29 October at 8am over 40 ladies, dressed in pink rocked up at Woombye State School to participate in Nerrida’s gruelling Pink Bootcamp! Guaranteed to loose a couple of kilos!!

The charity event was organised by Nerrida Rose-Humphreys, a long time member of the Beautiful You Cancer Charity and a way of supporting and giving back to those that have helped her on her own personal journey. Through the generosity of supporters the event raised $735 which will go towards the Beautiful You 5 cent Challenge, 5 months to collect 5 million 5 cent pieces! All coins will be counted on November 1st at the Beautiful You Melbourne Cup fundraiser function.  More information or to book click here.
Some words from Nerrida “Well where do I start? Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!!!!! And a big Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!! I know Cancer is the most negative thing to have but let me tell the positive that comes out of it blows my mind. On Saturday I saw that positive all too well, with the support of over 40 wonderful people at my Pink Bootcamp. The Turnout was amazing, the help was amazing and everything was perfect including the weather. The best part we raised $735.00. So really I just want to say thank you to everyone that helped, donated, joined in, supported me and the Beautiful You Program, cooked, and just had fun. It truly was a perfect morning and a big thank you also to the coffee man, yum! yum!


View or purchase more images from this event click here


Winners Night Magic Photography Competition


Two enthusiastic groups attended Peter Solness, Sydney’s acclaimed night photographer Night Magic Workshops on 7 & 7 October.   To encourage the photographers to  do something with the images and test the skills they learnt at the workshops Sunshine Coast Photographers held a photography competition.

Peter Solness was the judge and he was very impressed with all the images that were entered.

Congratulations to the winner Raoul Slater with his image ‘Infinity’.

Below are the resutls and critique Peter Solness gave each image, thank you Peter.

1st Slater_Infinity_7 Oct.jpg

1st Place – ‘Infinity’ by Photographer Raoul Slater

Often the greatest challenge for a photographer is to photograph an iconic scene and give it a new interpretation. There were several other entries that had also embarked on this quest, and for each of those other entries I also want to acknowledge their creative courage. But this particular image I found most striking, as it pared-back the elements to such an extent that it gave me a whole new understanding about how this very familiar sculpture could be interpreted photographically. The result is an assured and striking image.

2nd Harris_plant study_8 Oct 11.jpg

2nd Place – ‘Plant Study’ by Photographer Darren Harris

This image presents me with another sense of the Botanic Gardens that I did not personally experience at the time. It reveals something about the gardens that I felt was special. It showed a sympathetic use of lighting, a finely considered choice of composition and a particular sensitivity to the subject. The intimacy of the image is quite delicious.

3rd Roberts_Red Sculpture_7Oct r.jpg

3rd Place – ‘Red Sculpture’ by Photographer Peter Roberts

I like the audaciousness of this image. It is not technically perfect but it shows a certain flare in the way it was executed. The red light is effective, but on its own it would not have been enough to warrant a third place. What made it for me was the whimsy of blue light running through it – in a sense the blue light unburdens the sculpture of its bulk and weight and gives it energy. It also shows the ‘power of reinterpretation’ that night photography allows.

4th Harris_lone tree night_8 Oct 11.jpg

Runner Up

‘Lone Tree Night’ by photographer Darren Harris

An elegantly composed image. The tree appears from the darkness like an apparition or a dream. It is subtle and quite beautiful and I can almost feel the depth of commitment this photographer made to extract some intrigue from the scene.

5th Bannan_lake_7 Oct.jpg

‘Lake’ by Photographer Roz Bannan

Unlike the other images I have acknowledged in these awards, this photographer obviously relied on the lighting skills of those volunteers with torches who were waving beams of light across this pond as a part of the workshop’s group shoot. So there was less ‘construction’ of light here by the individual photographer. However, I have spent many years as a photojournalist covering numerous press and news events and there is always a regard for those photographers who can extract the best image from a given situation that is revealed before them. This photographer has ‘caught the moment’ very well.

6th Slater_Spinning Sculpture_7Oct.jpg

‘Spinning Sculpture’ by Raoul Slater

Another clever use of coloured lights on one of the Botanic Garden sculptures. There has been some considered ideas here about what colours to use and where. The result being an intriguing and well executed image. I like the way the background has been illuminated to give the sculpture some sense of location within the gardens. The photographer has applied a good ‘work ethic’ in this image to bring all the elements together.

Big ‘Thank You” Peter for judging the competition and for your constructive and positive comments


‘Thank You’ to everyone that entered the competition.


Triathlon Pink Fundraiser – 16 Oct 11

Launch of Ramsay Healthcare Triathlon Pink Series

Organiser of Sunday’s Triathlon Pink Fundraiser, Gayle Cameron was overwhelmed by the support she received from over 100 local Sunshine Coast businesses who generously donated prizes for the raffle and silent auctions.  The event was held at the 4th Floor Restaurant over looking the ocean at Mooloolaba.  A large crowd of 105 people attended to support the event in aid of raising funds for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  This is the 3rd year Gayle and 4 other managers from the Heritage Building Society have organised the event, with total support from Heritage.

_MG_0861cc bw.jpg

James G Brennan entertained the guests and had them all up dancing the afternoon away.  James recently assisted in the launch of the Beautiful You Song he wrote for Debbie Clayton’s Beautiful You Cancer Charity.  CD’s can be purchased by contacting Debbie Clayton.

View Beautiufl you video below

 Special guest presenter Natasha Zuvela, Author of ‘The Crocodile Effect’, How to Conquer Fear & Live Your Dreams!


Special guest speaker:  Sam Naudin, a local Sunshine Coast Breast Cancer Survivor.  With ongoing involvement of over 25 years teaching special needs children in over 36 different schools across Australia and representing state and country in several sports, Sam has immersed herself into people, life and places.
For more than 30 years Sam Naudin has risen above the norm and found experiences that most of us just read about.  NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!  Pictured below, Gayle Cameron with Sam Naudin.


Plus silent auction and raffles were run throughout the afternoon to raise money for local charity, Beautiful You.

c74-_MG_0922el website.jpg

Pictured Above L-R: Ros Williams, Sandy McCulloch, Kylie Jackson, Gayle Cameron, Debbie Clayton and Trish Tait – presenting Debbie Clayton, Founder of Beautiful You Cancer Charity with a cheque for funds raised throught he silent auction and raffles.


More photos from the event can be viewed online here